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I am far from the queen of technology, I am more like the court jester.  My hubby gave me the amazing iPad Pro for our 25th anniversary and now I have discovered apps.  They are so tempting and there are so many of them and after 25 years of marriage, it is the only tempting thing I am allowed to have.  So I decided I wanted to make a gif for my latest picture book, THE BIG ADVENTURES OF MR. SMALL.  This was to be a quick affair, nothing serious...take some pictures and let the app do all of the work unlike being married for 25 years which is rather serious and in my humble opinion, I did most of the work.  ( My hubby would disagree!) I digress, this is not a marriage app it is a "make a gif" app.  So I took a bunch of pictures and loaded them in a kinda of order and added some text.  I did this three times before I actually remembered to save.  (I guess that I didn't want to leave any evidence!) So I uploaded the gif file onto Facebook and it only functioned as a photo!  Huh? Argh!  I knew I would regret being unfaithful to my non app, low tech, gif deprived self!    I couldn't bare the loss of yet another gif, so I bought the upgrade for $1.99 that turns the gif files into video...another affair.  And so the plot thickens.  And it turns into cement!  I had to start a YouTube channel to get this gif/video to properly upload onto Blogger.  Good grief! (It truly is the world wide web.)

After all of this, I did not produce any high art.  I gave up on that years ago.   I produced a goofy video featuring cut outs of the characters in my book, Mr. Small and Big Dusty hanging around my house. Yes, there is room for improvement but it was fun!   Look out ArtRage and Astropad!  You are next! Yes, honey, I will get around to reading all of those articles in MacWorld so that I can actually learn step by step what to do instead of the awful trial and error methods I employ!