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I crave the experience of being in a new place.  I want to see its colors, feel and breath its air, be overwhelmed by its patterns and textures.  That is why I love to travel.  I love the indelible memories these experiences imprint on my mind which remain incredibly vivid year after year.  

Colors and Expanse  Everglades National Park
Sometimes I find myself longing for these places as I long to for the presence of a person I love.

Paurotis Pond Everglades National Park
These are ripples after the tarpon jump.The color, light and wildlife here are amazing!

Movie Dome Everglades National Park
This was the most amazing slog ever.  This place is mystical! Let's go now!

My brain tends to shelve the mundane, yet it delights in the new, the exciting.  It can be addictive, the brain wants more, more swaying palm trees, more cow bells ringing on an alpine mountain top, more mangroves rooting in clear water, more tarpon jumping in the mirrored water of a  pond, more nesting, squawking exotic birds, more great works of art, more sweet, strong coffee in a bustling cafe with a musical language singing in my ears.  
My brain rarely craves another scene of taking out the garbage or doing the dishes.

Sunset Everglades National Park.
It was so beautiful I thought I was going to explode!   I can feel the air.

Bahia Honda Florida Keys  This is a great place to swim.  The water is silky.
Wish I were there right now!

I guess I'll have to settle for making breakfast and getting to work in my studio, where I try to let all of the places I have visited fill my work with the color and texture and freedom of travel...which isn't too bad either.

Big Cypress National Preserve
The reflections I saw here amazed me, perfect mirrors and alligators.

Big Cypress National Preserve
The world seen upside down, amazing reflections in the murky waters.