I love New York for Generations_ Happy Holidays Home

For generations my family has been going to the city, what we, Staten Islanders, call Manhattan for the holidays.  My grandmother took my mother, my mother took me and together we take my daughter. 

What a couple!  My mom and my daughter on Herald Square!
Although I have been demoted to native visitor, New York always makes me feel right at home. In the palpating heart of the great experiment, I come to life becoming the candle lit by the millions of other candles.  
I am flabbergasted when a hot dog vendor runs across four lanes of traffic to get me a napkin, and in sidewalks crowded yet not too crowded to accommodate Christmas Tree sellers flanked by giant inflatable santas and snowmen.  I love to eat my mom's yummy food and talk to perfect strangers like old friends and watch the bell ringers dance to Caribbean rhythms.   I am humbled in the solitude of the Morgan Library where the eyes can feast upon the beauty of the Gutenberg Bible, Mozart’s notes and Matisse’s Illustrations. I love to hear the roar of cheers from the audience for the high kicks of the Rockettes and chills run up and down my spine when I hear the overture at a Broadway show.
Oh New York please forgive me for being in love with you.  I have tried so many times to end our relationship yet every time I see you, it is love at first sight. It is a love that my mom passed on to me and I sure as heck want to pass on to my daughter.  My son, other the other hand, would rather go fishing!

Charlie Brown and Linus pondering the holidays and all of the people admiring Macy's window display.

The view from the Minskoff Theatre
A big hug before seeing the amazing LION KING! Thanks Nana!
The Publishers Weekly party at the Masonic Grand Lodge!  Thank you so much for the starred review and the invitation!
Matisse at the Morgan Library.  If you are in the city, go!  
It is never too crowded to grab a knish or just to say the word KNISH!

Macy's, Broadway, Knish, the Morgan Library, The Lion King, Publishers Weekly Starred Review Party, Masonic Grand Lodge