Thanksgiving Leftovers from Last Year_ Holiday Traditions_Hormones of Everyone

Our snowy trip to New York was worth it. My mom's turkey was delicious. Thanks be to God. All I heard for weeks, were my mother's plans to perhaps physically harm the butcher down the street if this year's bird turned out as dry, mealy, rubbery, juiceless, tasteless and as perfectly inedible as last year's attempt at roasting the organic fowl he recommended.
Well, the hormone injected, wanna be national bird was succulent and delicious.  I tell you, I am at an age where I can vouch for hormones.  They keep you firm. I am desperately staving off the loss of them. As my mother said, "I was better when I was full of hormones and so was this damn turkey!"
Well, Mom, the meal was scrumptious and the show was great.  There's nothing like dinner with the family, a Broadway show and a good shot of tryptophan laced hormones to make this New York, Italian girl very happy.

From my picture book THE PERFECT THANKSGIVING written by Eileen Spinelli