9-11_The Twin Towers_When They Were New and I Was Young

  When I was young, my best friend Donna's mother worked in one of the brand new Twin Towers.  We would meet her for lunch.  The elevators whisked us to her office.  It was far up.  I don't remember which floor.  It was far up.  There were so many windows.  The building swayed. In the bathroom the stall doors swung open and closed banging and clanking a rhythm.  It seemed an unnatural place to be.  It was frightening yet exciting to be so high, in a building so big, filled with so many people.   I could never have imagined that one day it could or would fall in ten seconds taking so much life with it.

The twin towers and tridents.  I made this image in Photoshop.

Copyright 2015 JoAnn Adinolfi