Swaying Palms and 60 Years of Marriage

In July we went to the Dominican Republic.  We were a group of eleven, together, to celebrate the occasion of my parent's 60th wedding anniversary.  The celebration took place on the beach, under the tall, swaying palms.  The warm, steady breeze blew, and the palm branches rustled their soft song, which sounded like steadily falling rain.  The moon rose turning them into bluish purple shadows but their song remained. 

My father, James, vowed to keep the batteries in his hearing aids fresh so that he could hear my mom’s every command and my mom, Josephine, vowed to stab him with a B12 shot whenever his energy gets low.  There's nothing like true love.

The palm and the wind are one.   They are made for each other just like my parents are made for each other.  The palm at first glance looks impractical but it is designed to sway elegantly in soft breezes yet it can endure the punishment of severe winds.  Marriage, at times, can also be impractical, yet my parents by staying together for many years, have created a loving relationship that can gracefully sway with life’s light breezes and endure the forceful winds of life’s unexpected torrential storms.
May they continue to sway and bend and make beautiful music together for many years to come. Happy 60th wedding anniversary Mom and Dad!

copyright 2015 JoAnn Adinolfi