The Picture Book Arrival_The Little Tree_

  After so many years of illustrating, you would think that one would be jaded toward the arrival of a box of freshly printed books.  It is unassuming in its appearance.  A printed black and white address label adorns a plain, cardboard box.  I carefully cut the shiny packing tape holding in its bulging sides and open the top with a POP.  Below the bubble wrap, as if underwater, swims the book you worked on, months, sometimes years.  I remove it slowly with trepidation and worry about its future as if it were my child.

  Then I find myself writing these words to my editor:   I look at the book and think, Where did it come from?  It really does seem to me that it has come from another place and from people beyond myself.  It has a magical feel for which I take no credit.
  I often feel that way when I look at my children.  The time comes to let the book and the children go and have faith that everything is going to be alright.  I think that this is what The Little Tree is all about.