Little Tree_Spring_Seeds and Children Grow

This illustration is from my latest book 
The Little Tree which comes out in Fall 2015. 

From my book THE LITTLE TREE   Muon Van author Creston Books Publisher

And I wrote a poem!

The Growing Child of the Seasons 
by JoAnn Adinolfi

The winter was still.
Tasks minimalized by the breadth and height of the snow
and the body’s need to reserve, 
precious energy
and even more precious thoughts.

Spring brings with its melting days a sense
of urgency
a need
to do.
Plants and trees arouse from a ponderous sleep
waking not groggily
yet with a start
to grow,
to thrive,
to soak up
the sun
before the waning days
turn their love affair into a brief encounter.

There are decks to paint, and seeds to sow, lawns to mow.
Get things done!
Move more quickly!
Take advantage of…
Good weather?
By no means soothing like a warm fire but an ice cold reminder
to make hay
the sun shines.

Spring is the growing child of the seasons:
bursting into summer.
Please slow down.
Remain a little longer.
Stop growing. 
Give me more time with you.

With Nature’s dictates we must conspire.
Make hay!
The sun shines!
Sprigs of grass, thriving weed, buzzing bees,
our flowers bud, 
turn into apples, 
cherries, peaches and pears
clusters of pinpoint grapes that fill and burst into succulent drops
from the vine
bright red tomatoes
sweet ripe apricots
warm luscious figs.
Pick before they fall
and preserve
like memories
to feed the hungry, winter soul.