A Fine Mess_Children's Book Illustration

Being neat has never been my strength.  As a child, I was very messy and as I grew up I learned that being neat can come in handy now and again for finding things like my mittens and car keys.  As an artist, I find that being neat can be a drain. 

My Table
Lately, I have been making a nice, big mess in my studio; making patterns and papers and mixing up paints and cutting up paper and messily sharpening colored pencils.  I paint with big strokes with a big brush and wait curiously without expectation to see what it leaves in its path.  There are papers on the floor and pencils strewn, scattered rolls of paper, smeared palettes, tubes of paint, bottles of Luma dyes and fans of brushes.    From that chaos and confusion come the clearly patterned thoughts of pictures.   Ah!   Then I am ready to scan, what has emerged from the mess and work closely with my MacBook Pro, which helps me to put everything together neatly for my latest book, THE LITTLE TREE by Muon Van to be published by Creston Books.

Cutting out Bits and Bits of Paper from Pattens I Created
Woking on a Landscape
Fun to See the Sketch Come to Life