Jingle Jangle_Tis the Season to Get Those Bells Ringing

Time and Tide wait for no man.  Of course the author, Chaucer, meant to say — nor woman.  Halloween zoomed by hurriedly on its wicked little broom and then Thanksgiving didn't give me much of a break.  It crashed through the door came and went as well.  The time it took me to eat my turkey dinner was longer than than the whole darn month of November...

FROM MY BOOK THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS  written by Eileen Spinelli   Henry Holt

Now this woman needs to don her santa hat and get jingle jangling.  Yes, the dictates of fleeting time will not deter my ability to deck the halls, buy the gifts, bake the cookies, send the greetings, spike the eggnog (especially while dragging decorations from confined attic crawl spaces), stuff the goose, pack the suitcases, check the tires and visit the relatives.  Did I forget to mention cutting down the tree and inspect the fire extinguisher  because at our house we put real candles on the tree.   Jingle Jangle Y'all!

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