United Nations_Unicef_Day of the Girl_Riding the Twister

My daughter was in the play THE WIZARD OF OZ.  I imagined her being very different from Dorothy.  I pictured my daughter not at the mercy of the twister but in control of it — able to gracefully ride all of its power.  
International Day of the Child is on October 11.  I pray that all girls will be able to harness the power within and find the strength to ride and rise above the destructive forces of this world that marginalize and brutalize and come to a place to find the peace and freedom they deserve.  

Riding the Twister by JoAnn Adinolfi 

I made the illustration through the magic of Photoshop and I say magic because sometimes I don’t really know what the heck I am doing and something unexpected and beautiful happens.  Just riding the twister.  The photo of the twister is from the NOAA and is public domain.


I think one of the best ways to "learn" do something is to just do it! It's the best way to discover your own path, a way that maybe no one else has ever done before! So keep waving your magic wand!
JoAnn Adinolfi said…
Thank you so much for your beautiful words! I am going to keep waving that wand baby! And thank you for taking the time to look at my blog!