New York Times_Hail Mary and Handwriting

I loved practicing my handwriting as a child.  I had excellent penmanship.  In school I had to write such things as;  I MUST NOT TALK IN CLASS, THE HAIL MARY,  PAGES OF THE DICTIONARY  and MISSPELLED WORDS hundreds, if not thousands of times.  I did all of my assignments neatly on loose leaf paper.  Over and over, I formed each letter with my number 2 pencil or ink filled pen.  There was no delete or backspace. 

Hail Mary Handwriting
I carefully crafted my ms and ns to look like those of the popular girls in my class but no matter how hard I tried my ms and ns always wound up looking different,  like mine.  The forms of my letters belonged to me.  They, like my signature, were recognizable as mine;  my drawing, my mark.  
Nowadays that my handwriting has degraded into a bit of a scrawl, the keyboard sure comes in handy when I want to make things legible and that scrawl sure comes in handy when I want to get those thoughts down on paper fast!
I enjoyed reading this article in the NEW YORK TIMES about handwriting.  Maybe you will too? There are arguments for and against and I guess folks can argue about just about anything these days.  I can't see the harm in learning any skill.

Please forgive me Mary for putting words into your mouth.