Staten Island Ferry_Memories of Home

I took this picture while at home in New York.  I have spent countless hours on the Staten Island Ferry.  Even after hundreds and hundreds of crossings, it is still a great ride and the views are spectacular.  On this particular night it was sunset.  The light was complimentary orange and blue.  I snapped this picture while racing to make the 5:20 boat, something I have done plenty of times before.
I climbed up the stairs two by two and allowed myself to be taken along with the current of commuters shuffling their way onto the boat.  Living in New Hampshire, you get away from the feeling of masses of people all converging at the same place for the same purpose on a daily basis.

Some letters get along, some don't.

I loved being once again amidst the energy of the throng; the mix of people, their bits of conversations, fragments of glances all collecting themselves in the recesses of my mind.  My children and I sat at the back of the boat in the cold and watched the city, at first close, but in time pull away from us as we passed the Statue of Liberty and then the Verrazano Bridge.  The city was still in view but we had reached a different world, the world of my childhood home, Staten Island, New York.  
And on that recent day and as on days way back when, I was looking forward to getting on the train and walking that long block to my parent's house where I knew something delicious to eat was awaiting my arrival after a day in the big, bustling city.