Seasonal Scribbling and Greetings

When I was a kid I colored for hours in coloring books with my crayons.   I remember how hard I worked to stay in the lines and then I would get so crazy that I would just scribble all over the page.
         At the tender age of five or six, I did not realize that  this experience was a metaphor for life. In life, as in coloring, one must choose when to constrain one’s emotions and passions within the confines of the lines and when one needs to let those passions burst outside of the lines in big, bold strokes.  What a tough balancing act, I'd have better luck with plates on a stick!  

Kitschy Moe and Joe

So with that in mind, I wish everyone a happy holiday season and a very creative, healthy, new year within and beyond the lines.

Artsy Moe and Joe