Sisyphus_ A Woman's Work Is Never Done!

           The Sisyphus myth has been on my mind lately.  Hasn’t it been on yours?  It must be the season of toil.  In case your life is charmed and you have no affinity with Sisyphus here are the directions:  Push your heavy object to top of hill, let roll down, repeat, push your heavy object to top of hill, let fall down, repeat. Sisyphean examples of the lighter kind below:

I am working hard at getting my career back up and running.  The older I get the less easy it becomes.  Your past, good or bad, comes back to haunt you and no matter what, you are left at the bottom of the mountain with a big rock. 
Why not just leave the damn boulder at the bottom?  That would go against human nature. It would also be boring and make for a terrible story.  When I put the boulder at the bottom of that steep incline, I am free to start again.  Before me lies a new challenge; a new journey up that hill.  Yippee!
        Now as a mom, that’s where Sisyphus and I really bond.  There has been and continues to be so much repetition in my life.  A veritable feast of groundhog days! 
Sisyphus and I have definitely had similar thoughts:

Sisyphus thinks:  “Didn’t I just push this rock up this hill yesterday?”
I think:  “Didn’t I just clean this kitchen yesterday?”  
Again Sisyphus thinks:  “Didn’t I just push this rock up this hill yesterday?”
Again I think:  “Didn’t I just clean this kitchen yesterday?” 

Granted I have more varied repetitive tasks than Sisyphus.  At least he doesn’t have to do laundry everyday or clean toilets I mean pushing a boulder is a great work out!  He’s buff!
Here’s to repetition!  It is the mantra that keeps the soul calm through life. All those little tasks add up. Even though we do them over and over, we never accomplish them quite the same way twice.
Thanks kids for sticking with me!  I’d roll a rock up a hill for you over and over and over and over! And then I’d do it again!