"We'll kinda always have Paris."_New Yorker Cartoon Redo

Yesterday I wrote about the meaning of the popular romantic phrase: "We'll always have Paris."  (Blog October 9, 2013)  
Recap:   I just felt that the phrase "We'll always have Paris." is not just about remembering a beautiful love affair but that it can be about misremembered memories, faded memories and that each person in a relationship will have different memories of what they experienced as time goes by.  (No pun intended.)  Relationships change, people move on, memories move on with them.   
So I did this cartoon about a couple. The caption is:  "We'll kinda always have Paris."    He remembers the yummy baguette he ate and she remembers the fancy purse she should have bought.  Ah romance!

"We'll kinda always have Paris."