Pencil, Paper and Photoshop_I Love My Mac

I love this drawing.  To me it captures the magic of thinking thoughts and forming them into coherent words and then transforming them into symbols, letters, which create written words. It is such a simple yet powerful act, one we may take for granted.  If you have ever seen a child learn to write and create their first sentences and stories and poems, it is clear that there is something miraculous in this ability we humans have.
This rendering also reminds me of the serenity I feel when working on a drawing.  I love scribbling down an idea and working on it until I have an image.  I usually don’t have a clear picture in my mind.  It is more like a cloudy idea.  The pencil and paper and brain work together going back and forth until they agree upon something. Now I also have the added bonus of writing and illustrating on my Mac, (which can be much less serene at times).  But for me, pencil and paper and Photoshop are starting to go hand in hand.  I was thinking that this French man might feel the same way I do.

Pencil, Paper and Photoshop The Three Ps