Color Comics_Death of Negativity

Got an email from Publisher’s Weekly praising a young adult book.  Click here to read the first chapter!  I did.   It was well written and intriguing.  It grabbed my attention and then it happened!  The parents got killed off right in the first chapter.  I mean at least let them live until chapter five or six.  I like being a living parent and I am no critic but I am just tired of stories that can’t be written without killing everybody off. Then I read this article in the New Yorker (link below) about a book critic who discusses not wanting to write any more negative reviews.  It caught my interest.  Perhaps she was thinking of killing off all of the “bad” writers but that was highly unlikely, so I read on.   I liked this article but that is my humble opinion and humble opinions vary. 

Reading puts pictures in my head so this image popped into my mind.  It  didn’t look quite like this in my mind.  It is a bit blurry and squishy at first and then I have to sketch it out and draw it a few times.  Then I draw it in ink and scan it and put it into Photoshop to color.  Hope you like it but you don’t have to have an opinion about it.
Disclaimer:  No parents were killed in the making of this illustration.