Rosie and Annette_Facebook Jealousy

Poor Annette, with every gushing new post she reads she finds herself more irritated and upset.  Why?  She has fallen into the social media pit of self-comparison, likes and subtle feelings of jealousy. Oh, the things we didn’t know! About everybody!  Years ago, before social media, this is how you found out about family and friends: You had to have them over for coffee and cake where you could talk for hours about the good and the bad pumped by a caffeine and sugar rush.  We were unapologetic of our shortcomings and failures and never too boastful of our successes.  
So, would my Nana have given me the evil eye if I had bragged instead of complained? Probably.  Is complaining better because it is more conducive to bonding?  How can you be jealous if we are all miserable? There are no comparisons there is life to live.  My Nana would have said, “These are the cards you have been dealt. Don’t waste your time thinking too much about everyone else’s hand.”

I loved growing up in New York.  Folks were happy but I always felt like New Yorkers were the best complainers:  The traffic is killing me!  If that toll goes up one more time I am moving to Ohio!   They didn’t put enough cream cheese on my bagel!   They sliced my prosciutto too thick!  My friends would never have chimed in with a gushing:  “Why my bagel had the perfect ratio of cream cheese.  I don’t know what happened with yours.”
I mean why would you “post” the perfect bagel, thereby insulting everyone else, damn well knowing, that many others had experienced an imperfect bagel or roll or muffin or cup of coffee that very morning!  Commiserating!  Now that’s etiquette!

Let’s face it.  It is hard NOT to compare our imperfect bagel with the seemingly perfect bagel of another.  It is pure human nature. We all want the perfect bagel!  I mean in Annette’s case Hawaii certainly trumps the potato peeler.  The likes prove it 38-1.  The thing is: What is Annette going to do to trump Hawaii?  Will she lie?  We’ll see.