Rosie and Annette_Bras and Undies and Shrines

It is not easy being a human being and now we have the added challenge of social media. Tools like blogs and websites and Facebook can exploit our vulnerabilities and insecurities as well as our addictions.  It is easy to build modern day shrines to our work, our businesses, our families and ourselves.  But tell me who doesn't want a shrine?  I'm Catholic.  We love shrines!  My Italian immigrant ancestors would have considered shrines to any one else but the Virgin Mary or a saint a heresy BUT if they would have done such things there would have been a little candle to click on and light instead of the thumbs up symbol.

If my grandmother had used Facebook she would have sent me messages like: "Nice shrine!"  or  "Please grant me the following intention:  Help me beat Aunt Emma in tonight's card game.

"And I would have messaged back, "Send me $20 and I'll consider it!"   Miss you Nana!  We would have been the best Shrinebook friends ever.